3D Architectural Animation by CGStandard

Animation - or to be precise, 3D architectural animation - is the one thing you’ll turn your attention to if you need to make a difference in presenting your business.

Would you like to literally walk your potential clients or investors through their growing projects? With animation you can demonstrate the process of manufacturing, construction or modeling step by step, only do it faster and more interesting than with any other regular means.

Animation allows you to clearly showcase the dynamics of a project, supporting your main concepts and presenting them to best advantage.

This 3d architectural animation video is the showreel of our work performed for a major web development company in 2016-2017. You will see the wide variety of objects visualized, including large urban areas, business centres, machines, engineering parts, recreational zones, residential buildings, etc.

Let’s elaborate on how this can be used in your orders:

  • Web developers: use animation in your websites to make them look vivid and progressive;

  • Architects: demonstrate the process of building the dream house to your clients: imagine they could see the future construction appear right in front of them!

  • Designers: impress your customers and let them immerse into the atmosphere of your creations, convey the key concepts of the project and your vision of it;

  • Manufacturers: turn complicated into easy by explaining the most intricate processes through animation.

  • Individual clients: watch your ideas become reality, and feel the atmosphere as if you were there!

Browse our portfolio to see more of what we do, and step into the exciting world of 3d animation!