3D Architectural Rendering in The USA: the Latest Trends (Part 2)

In the previous article we had a look at the stylistic trends in 3D architectural rendering in the USA.

In this part we will discuss the technological side of 3D architectural rendering trends in the USA, such as virtual reality, animation and virtual tours.

1. Virtual Reality as a 3D Architectural Rendering Trend in the USA

Virtual reality is the technology that will make a new milestone in the evolution of interior design, architecture, real estate, manufacture (exhibition stands, furniture, manufacture of installations and small architectural forms, etc.) and many more.

It is already widely used by progressive US architectural rendering companies to provide great insights not only in the obvious fields such as the ones mentioned above, but also in healthcare and medicine (e.g. simulating special environment for acrophobia treatment, VR-controlled robotic disarming of bombs, internet browsing and ads - to name just a few.

This may be frightening in the way how it blends with the material world, but it is definitely mind-blowing.

2. Animation as a 3D Architectural Rendering Trend in the USA

Animation - or 3D animation - is also known as "3D walks".

Architectural 3D animation lets the viewers understand how their dream home will look like, without even having to physically visit the model house. This helps reduce the costs of investing in the construction, furnishing and decorating show houses or apartments. 3D architectural rendering experts choose a 3D model for a portable and universal solution in constructing the showroom.

The potential buyer can easily watch 3D animation anywhere and take a walk around the house created with the help of computer technology.

3D Animation shows an architectural object to best advantage. The viewer can set up camera angle, choose and modify interior and exterior, or actually create them.

For this reason, 3D animation is probably number one among the most effective tools in 3D architectural rendering in the USA. Now you can invite your clients to a comfortable environment without leaving their own home or office.

3. Virtual Tours as an Architectural Rendering Trend in the USA

A virtual tour is a kind of tour around existing or non-existing locations that creates the illusion of presence for the viewer.

3D virtual tours make it possible to move from point to point, zoom in remote areas, or zoom out small details, etc. Thus, you can visit a city and its sights, wander through medieval castles, or study property offered for sale. You can also go inside of an apartment and walk through the rooms, or stroll through the suburbs.

Virtual tours are so popular as a trend in 3D architectural rendering while they have many advantages for the buyer; the possibility to get acquainted with an object anytime, anywhere being the main one.

So, in this article we discussed the 3 most popular technological trends in the US 3D architectural rendering. It depends on your needs and purposes which tool to use.

Would you like to learn more? Have a look at the sample of architectural animation 360 in our gallery!