3D Architectural Rendering in the USA: Latest Stylistic Trends (Part 1)

3D architectural rendering in the USA has been showing two clear stylistic trends in recent years: loft and visualization in minimalistic style. In other words, technologies are inching their way into architecture, and fussy is out of fashion.

Let's have a look at these trends in more detail.

1. Loft Style in 3D Architectural Rendering in the USA

Originally meaning attics or upper stories located under the roof, a loft in residential property refers to large spaces, often in industrial style and adaptable in design.

So, what's in a loft?

To start with, real estate agencies distinguish between so-called 'hard lofts' and 'soft lofts'. Hard lofts are real industrial buildings converted to residential use, and soft lofts are premises in loft-style built anew. Upper storey spaces can also be used as offices, in which case they are called work lofts/commercial lofts.

Loft style usually shows a harmonious combination of somewhat brutal decor (like exposed brick walls, ladders, uncovered pipes of a ventilation system, factory accessories, etc.) and modern interior elements (machinery, metal, and mirrors) in one interior. To make the loft more comfortable and cozy, eclectics some into scene.

This solution is suitable for people of creative professions, so-called bohemians.

For thrifty people, low cost and ease in all - the basic style credo.

For owners of apartments with free planning. The windows to the floor and huge space - the best basis of style, in this room, you can "roam". For freedom-loving people with a desire to stand out.

That’s why this style takes the prior positions among the trends of architectural rendering in the USA.

2. Minimalist style in the 3D architectural rendering in the USA

Minimalism - a very bright style in the modern design, characterized by a denial of the classics in creative techniques and using industrial materials and natural elements to create simple geometric shapes, small volumes and neutral colors. The most popular and well-known ethnic sort that became popular in the 3D architectural rendering in the USA is a kind of  Japanese minimalism.

So in the next part of the article, we will discuss the technological trends in the 3D architectural rendering in the USA: virtual reality, animation, and virtual tour (see Part 2).