3D Architectural Visualization Apartment | Chicago

3D Architectural Visualization Apartment Chicago is the work that we did for our regular customer, a great designer from.. Chicago (surprisingly).

Usually, designers come to order architectural visualization either for a portfolio, or when they need to present a project to their client.

The technical task for this industrial-style apartment visualization was as follows:

  • create a series of 3D renders in high resolution for further printing and publication online;

  • be specific in choosing textures and materials;

  • provide intermediary 3d renders for approval (as the task was very detailed and we needed to make sure everything is going on well);

  • create a homely and warm atmosphere in final 3D renderings, still make it very clear that the interior is in industrial style;

  • provide a number of views to be used in presentations.

It took us only two weeks to fulfil this order. Our 3D visualizers created lively and vivid images that fully complied with the client’s requirements.

The final 3D rendering is rather detailed, with a lot of 3D models that perfectly blend in style.

The furniture, tableware, home textile, and paintings on the walls all make the room look really welcoming. The large windows let in a lot of light that gently pours the room. Check out the checkered pillows, the woolen blanket and the leather sofa furniture textures, the green wall and the light playing on the carpet.

Even though the interior is produced in industrial style with its exposed brick walls, concrete and fixtures showing everywhere, it is a cozy place anyways.

Every visualization that we produce serves not only to render the landscape or interior details. It is much more important that it would make the person viewing it feel as if they were actually there. No drafts or ‘flat’ images can do that so realistically as 3D renderings. That is why our 3D rendering studio works hand in hand with designers, architects, real estate companies, manufacturers and just about everyone who needs their websites look modern.

An architectural 3D rendering can make a change to almost any business. Get in touch to find out how it can power up yours!