3D Architectural Visualization Cottages Japan

CGStandard has produced a number of 3D Architectural Visualizations of cottages, Japan being the location for this specific project.

The cottage in this visualization has the distinct minimalistic Japanese style. It is not big, but the architectural lines make it look spacious. The whole scene communicates the atmosphere of calmness and home coziness, but at the same time it is very modern due to the choice of materials and construction technologies. The transparent walls lightened from the inside make the cottage «glow».

This and other 3D Architectural Visualization Cottages Japan were produced for our client, a Japanese architect. She’d set the following technical task for the project:

  • Provide 2 3D architectural exterior renderings of the cottage.

  • Provide the renderings in high resolution for further use in a catalog and on a website.

  • Create the 3D visualization based on client’s images and drawings.

  • Use the specified materials and textures.

  • Create homely atmosphere.

  • Make sure the cottage fits the specified geographic location, as it was to be constructed in a specific district.

3D Architectural visualization is really helpful when you are designing, planning, building or selling property. It helps your end clients see not only raw figures and drafts, but actually feel the atmosphere of a construction. Even if you’ve ordered 3D rendering for your private project, there is no better way to make sure you’ll get what you really need in the end.

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