3D Architectural Visualization Dining Room | Japan

3D Architectural Visualization Dining Room Japan is the work that we did for one of our favorite clients, a talented Japanese architect. She needed a number of 3D interior and exterior renders for her project and was going to use them in her online portfolio on the website later on.

Japanese architecture has a very distinct style as it combines modern trends with traditions, with simple forms blending into rational structures, where every piece of furniture has to be located in a certain place, and every inch of the space is used consciously.

It is also known for the original use of materials and forms, in particular, the ‘transparent’ walls, wooden textures, etc.

Maybe we should stress this a little bit more, as Japanese culture has been cherishing and reinventing its traditions, maintaining the concepts of simplicity and purity throughout the centuries. Today, Japan is the second country in the world after the US by the number of Pritzker Architecture Prizes (call it Nobel Prize of architecture), so working with Japanese architects is always a pleasure.

The technical task that the client sent for this work was as follows:

  • create high dimension 3D interior renders and exterior renders;

  • use the specified textures and materials

  • show the building in the urban environment on a slope;

  • use the drawings provided by the client;

  • create an atmosphere of laconic elegance.

What do you see when you look at this visualization? Drop us a line if you need a similar work!