3D Architectural Visualization Modern Cottages in Japan

3D Architectural Visualization Modern Cottages Japan continue the series of works that we did for our Japanese clients.

Designers and architects often order 3D renderings to present their works to best advantage or just compile a portfolio. 3D visualizations help showcase a project effectively and thus sell it faster.

The technical task for this project was as follows:

  • create high dimension 3D renders of three identical cottages standing together;

  • make the cottages look modern by using specified textures and materials;

  • provide upscale exterior and interior renderings of the cottages (see the other part of this project with the dining room visualization in our portfolio);

  • create calm atmosphere of a peaceful urban evening;

  • make sure the cottages in the rendering fit in the landscape (this is a very important checkpoint for architects visualizing unbuilt architecture in an existing environment);

  • make sure the scene looks realistic and can be used in presentations.

Japanese architecture has distinct recognizable features that beautifully combine tradition with modern technologies. We were using colors and special textures to follow the style.

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