3D Architectural Visualization Office | New York

One of the commercial projects that we really enjoyed working on is this loft-style office visualization. The clients - a young and progressive design company from Manhattan, New York - turned to us to order 3D rendering of their studio. The building that they were occupying was a former fire department, so it was kind of obvious that the studio would be in loft style.

The technical task was as follows:

  • create high-dimensional 3d architectural visualizations of a modern-looking office with workspace for 10-20 people. At this time they only needed static 3d renders, though panoramas (renders 360) are also a very popular kind of architectural visualization services;

  • make the atmosphere appropriate for work, but also welcoming and cozy at the same time;

  • use textures and materials provided by the client in reference images and in the text description;

  • provide 3 views of the interior from different camera angles;

  • provide daylight and nighttime visualizations (with natural and artificial lighting);

  • use 3d models to create the impression that the office is ‘living’

So this is what we did.

Check out the objects on the table, that coffee mug, the bus model, and the colored pencils; the bike hanging on the wall and the electric sign ‘Party time’.

The office looks as if people have just left home or went out for a small break, and are about to come back, turn off the lights and end this day. But.. something interesting is waiting.

Can you see the lady in the background? The guys in the designer studio said they can, actually.