3D Architectural Visualization Studio or Freelance — What to Choose?

Web developers, designers, architects, manufacturers or just individual clients looking for 3D rendering services often face this dilemma - should they choose a professional 3D architectural visualization studio or freelance 3d visualizers for their 3d rendering project.

Let’s look at both options and define their main pros and cons.

Hiring a freelance 3D visualizer


  • Lower cost of services. Usually (though not always), a freelancer will charge less for 3d rendering services, which is good if you are on a budget.

  • Flexible work hours. It is more likely that a person working from home will adjust their schedule to work on weekends, during nighttime, on holidays, etc.

  • A lot of offers to choose from. With so many platforms, forums and communities online, finding a freelancer for your 3d rendering project should not be a problem (though finding a really good one might be).


  • No guarantees. While a professional 3d freelancer surely values their own reputation high, there’s always the possibility of human factor. If they get distracted by any personal circumstances, your project might be postponed or even left uncompleted.

  • Lower technical capacity. It is obvious that one person working from home will usually have limited access to computers, etc. as compared to a well-equipped 3d company. This means longer term required to complete the project. Even a multitasking professional won’t be able to do the same scope of work as a team that works smoothly together under supervision of a project manager.

  • Narrower range of services. As a rule, you can expect freelance 3d visualizers to specialize in a certain area, (e.g. interior rendering, but not large-scale exterior rendering, visualization of models but not engineering parts, static renders but not animations, etc.), which means that you will need to search for several people if you have a big project.

Now, let’s look at the perspectives of contracting a 3d company.

What to expect when you hire a professional 3D architectural rendering studio?


  • Having a personal manager to supervise your project. This is a very convenient option when you have a large project with many views, renders, animations, etc. A personal manager will guide the whole process for you, making sure everything is delivered in a timely manner, and the quality is up to your expectations.

  • Partnership rather than client-executor relationships. When you start to work with a 3d studio on a long-term basis, you can expect discounts, special offers, bonuses, in a word: loyalty. For example, CGStandard offers flexible prices on multiple renders and promotion of your projects through social media. This is a much greater benefit than just on-time cut-price bargain.

  • A wide range of services. A 3d rendering studio offers full package of 3d rendering services. Having a team of on-board visualizers allows to complete any large project effectively and time-efficiently. In CGStandard a personal manager will take care that all stages of your order run smoothly even if it very voluptuous and detailed.

  • Higher technical capacity. A professional 3d rendering studio is equipped with powerful computers that allow to perform numerous tasks simultaneously. This means that your Guaranteed results. A 3d rendering company will cherish their reputation as a brand. It won’t disappear or delete their profile in social media. This guarantees your order will be completed in best possible quality.

  • Extensive internal libraries of models and templates. Larger amount of orders that 3d rendering studios have will allow them to form their own model databases. This speeds up the completion of your order while leaving it 100% unique.

  • Smooth workflow. A company has a preset order of stages that your 3d rendering will go through - from setting task to introducing corrections and approving. This means you can keep pulse on what’s going on and control the whole process.


  • Regular work hours. Normally, a 3d rendering studio will operate on a business schedule, so if you come up with an idea of an urgent correction at midnight, theoretically it won’t be implemented straight at once. This point is not necessarily strict, however, as there were cases when CGStandard team would stay in office overnight to complete a major order for one of our (This is what we call partnership.:))

  • Higher price (sometimes). While a 3d rendering company might have higher prices for their services, they will also offer more bonuses and a transparent model of discounts. See our price calculator, for example.

To sum up, choosing between a 3D architectural visualization studio or freelance think of your specific goals for the project, such as budget, timeframe, quality requirements and your commitment to the results - and do not hesitate to consult professionals if you have any doubts!