3D Cabinet Rendering: 3D Product Rendering by CGStandard

3D Cabinet Rendering that you see in this picture is a commerical product rendering. It was originally meant to be published in an online portfolio.

3D product renderings are great when you are creating any interior visualization. This aviation/steampunk style cabinet can be an central piece of a modern interior. Looking like a kind of an iron, it will certainly draw everyone's attention in the room!

This 3D product rendering was meant to solve the following tasks, under the client’s specifications:

  • build a 3d model rendering according to drawings and pictures;

  • render highly-realistic textures and materials;

  • create the steampunk style and atmosphere

  • provide high-resolution 3d renders for further use in a website.

Product rendering is a highly effective technique to showcase an object and promote its best features. It allows to integrate a 3d model into interior or exterior and demonstrate it in a presentation or portfolio.

3D product renderings are also a great way to advertise your products in an e-commerce site, one great advantage is that you don't even need to manufacture what you're selling before you receive an order.

3D technologies take your buisness a leap further. Get in touch with our 3D visualization studio to learn about the change that we can bring in your life!