3D-Printed Off-Grid Houses: PassivDom

A few weeks ago we made a post on Facebook about NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge where companies, designers and architects from all around the globe were invited to offer their projects for alternative 3D-aided construction building on Mars.

So how cool was it to find out that our fellow countrymen, the incredibly talented PassivDom team from Ukraine, are taking part in this challenge, too!

The guys have been rocking the globe with their 100% off-the-grid homes that are ALREADY like spacecrafts with their corrosion-susceptible, non-combustible, energy-efficient technologies.

Check this out: modular PassivDom’s (eng.: Passive House) are the warmest houses in the world, all due to the smart use of solar energy and the materials they are made of.

The seamless carbon frames and 6-glass windows together with solar batteries will ensure a perfect Hygge even in the polar night that lasts for 2 weeks.

Besides, the houses need extremely low amounts of power for heating or cooling thanks to low thermal loss: their 20 cm thin walls equate to brick walls that are 7.5 meter wide. Now, that's what we call energy-sufficient!

Solar panels placed on the roof produce enough electricity to meet the needs of all people living in the house, and a little more. Even though the windows cannot be opened, air filtration systems effectively control temperature, humidity and even oxygenation of the air.

Huge water tanks not only store 211 gallons (around 800 liters) of water, but can also filter and re-use it, making PassivDom even more ‘independent’.

In its basic configuration, a house is 36 sq.m big, which is the size of one module. The fun part is that if you need a bigger house, you can put modules together just like LEGO blocks. So a small backyard house can turn into a comfortable residence for the whole family.

The different packages that the homes come in include fully-equipped modules with furniture, kitchen, and all other household appliances, to an ‘empty’ house that still has all finishing surfaces, in-wall wiring, heating, and ventilation, but no engineering systems or furnishing.

Ah yeah, and did we mention that it takes ONE day to deliver your home? Let’s put it differently: in the morning you’re like: “Darling, fancy something special for tonight?” and the same evening you’re cooking dinner in the new house.

But besides all this, there’s one feature of PassivDom that made us not just like, but really fall in love with it.

Off-the-grid means perfectly autonomous: that is, able to move and stand in any place of the world, as many times as you like. Seriously, the 40 (!) year warranty comes with the note that you can travel around the world with your home! Live one year by the ocean side, another one in the mountains, then some time in the woods! There is no country too cold or not sunny enough for this smart house.

Besides beauty and peace we value freedoom above all else. Isn't it beautiful that freedom now comes with a cosy ecological living space? :)

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