3D Stadium Visualization

3D stadium visualization in our portfolio is one of the works created in collaboration with Vertic Strategic Digital Agency in the course of a 9 month project for Danfoss City.

Meant to show how Danfoss Technologies improve both personal and professional life, this 3D visualization demonstrates the ice hockey arena during a game with hundreds of fans watching it.

One of the tasks besides presenting the technical elements correctly, was to showcase the atmosphere of triumph. As the company’s slogan goes, “With Danfoss, you’re always on the winning team”. This stands in line with our beliefs perfectly: a good 3D visualization has to tell a story. Even if it’s a static render, it should immerse you into the situational context.

What we did to achieve it:

  • using specific lighting: sharp contrast here divides the zones of the ice rink and the spectators;

  • image composition: the 3d models of people are united in a circular manner around Danfoss logo;

  • the dynamics of objects in the scene: the flying flags, the players moving on the ice and the jumping fans make the visualization look alive, as if you are about to hear the shouting;

  • the perspective in construction elements adds ‘space’ and lets see how big the stadium is;

  • Danfoss brand red colors make the whole place look more cheerful and bright;

  • thanks to the infographics and textures this visualization becomes more photorealistic, like you’re almost there.

These are just some of the techniques that we used.

Another interesting part of the technical task provided by Vertic was to ensure the 3D visualizations are in super high dimension so that they could be shown on very large screens, be available for zooming in on websites, and be used in other media.

We take special pride in this project with Vertic and love the work that we did sincerely; there’s a great number of other product, interior and exterior visualizations that we’ll be continue publishing.

So browse our portfolio for more works and get back soon for the continuation!